Portrait of the steamship Pius IX, by Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen

Portrait steamship Pius IX

Steamship Pius IX, Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen, 1892

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Núm. d’inventari: 5912

Nom d’objecte: painting

Títol: Steamship Pius IX

Data de l’objecte: 1892

Autor: Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen

Tècnica i material: oil on canvas.

Ship portraits

Oil on canvas from 1892 signed by Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen, one of the great painters of ship portraits. The steamship Pius IX (or Pio Nono, as it was popularly known) was built in Sundeland in 1887 and registered the same year in Cadiz. It was 101 meters long, with a beam of 13 meters, a depth of 9.5 meters and capacity of 3,895 tons. The stern shows an ensign with the letters CM (Correo Marítimo, or Maritime Mail). It belonged to the shipping line Pinillos, Saenz i Companyia, and was lost in a wreck on December 13th, 1916.