Portrait of the barquentine Panchito, by José Pineda Guerra

Portrait of the barquentine Panchito

Barquentine Panchito, José Pineda Guerra, 1879

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Num. inventory: 1034

Object name: painting

Title: Barquentine Panchito

Object date: 1879

Author: José Pineda Guerra

Technique and material: tempera painting on paper.

Ship portraits

Painting by José Pineda Guerra of the barquentine Panchito, a sailing ship with a total tonnage of 227 tons built in St. Feliu de Guíxols in 1866 at the shipyards of Josep Bosch, and commissioned by Captain Juan Cosme Calzada i Pons.

This is a typical ship portrait, in which the craft, seen from the starboard, takes up almost the whole of the painting. It is seen under full sail and with the foremast decorated with multiple international signal flags. On the mainmast, the Spanish flag and a flag showing the ship is registered in Palamós can be seen. The Panchito was wrecked on September 22nd, 1890, off the Bermuda Islands.