Portrait of the merchant frigate Remedios Pascual, by José Pineda Guerra

Portrait merchant frigate Remedios Pascual

Frigate Remedios Pascual, José Pineda Guerra, c. 1900

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Num. inventory: 896

Object name: painting

Title: Frigate Remedios Pascual

Object date: c. 1900

Author: José Pineda Guerra

Technique and material: tempera on paper.

Ship portraits

Tempera on paper from approximately 1900, by José Pineda Guerra. This portrait shows the merchant frigate Remedios Pascual under full sail. On the foremast, the company flag is visible (with MJ, for Marcelino Jané). On the mainmast is a flag showing the ship is registered in Barcelona, and the Spanish flag flies at the stern.

The frigate Remedios Pascual was built in 1885 at the J. Bingay shipyard in Barton (Nova Scotia). The ship, then named Stalwart, was acquired in London by the Marcelina Jané y Formosa company from Mr Guillermo Lowe. On November 2nd, 1900, the ship was registered in Barcelona as the Remedios Pascual. On January 27th, 1906, it was eliminated from the registry because it has wrecked on the beaches of Ship John, some 90 miles south of New York.