Portrait of the steamship Ana de Sala, by Josep Mongay Torné

Portrait steamship Ana de Sala

Steamship Ana de Sala, Josep Mongay Torné, 1881

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Núm. d’inventari: 6698

Nom d’objecte: painting

Títol: Steamship Ana de Sala

Data de l’objecte: 1881

Autor: Josep Mongay

Tècnica i material: oil on canvas

Ship portraits

Oil on canvas from 1881 by Josep Mongay Torné, one of the great painters of ship’s portraits from the 19th-century Catalan school. The Ana de Sala can be seen surrounded by the activity of the port of Barcelona, sharing the scene with boats and barges using steam to move merchandise. The ship, which still has the auxiliary rigging of a brig, was property of the Sala y Vidal society. It ran the Barcelona-Havana-United States-Barcelona route, where it primarily carried cotton.