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The Maritime Museum’s collections are extremely rich and varied. They include pieces ranging from a ship that still sails to a postal stamp, or from a steam engine to a 14th-century manuscript. Of course, they also include everything you expect to find in a maritime museum: binnacles, anchors, model ships, navigational tools, etc. In other words, all sorts of documents and objects from the miniscule to the huge, from all different periods and made of all sorts of materials. For decades, the Museum has gathered examples of the maritime past, a heritage that reminds us of the lives of seafarers, the histories of ships and maritime activities in peacetime or war.

We would like to offer a selection of objects and documents that are notable for their historical interest, their rarity or their aesthetic value. These can give you a general idea of the content of the Museum’s collection. However, do not forget that there is a great deal beyond this selection, with thousands of artefacts and documents that you can discover using our search engine or other resources.

We encourage you to take a stroll through some of the key pieces in our Museum’s collection, grouped into twelve categories to help you keep your bearings.

View of the city of Barcelona

Engravings and lithographs

Engraving by Matthäus Seutter printed in Augsburg, clearly showing the old city of Barcelona on the right and the near-empty Raval neighbourhood on the left. It also shows the coast and the port with many vessels, as well as the mountain of Montjuïc.

The original title, in Latin and German, reads: “Barcino: Metropolis Hispanici Principatus Cataloniae in littore Maris Mediterranei perquam manita, et ob portus como ditatem celeberrinuan Emporuan Cura. Imp en fis MATTH. SEUTTERI S. Caes et REG. CATHOL. MAI. GEOGR. AUG. VIND /BARCELLONA die Haupt Satt des Sanifchen Fürftenthums Catalonien an dem Mittelländifchen Meer, so sehr fest und weg des bequemen Hasffens starke handtung treibt, HerauB gegeben von MATTH. SEUTTER KAY GEOGR.”