Friends, Volunteers and Collaborators

Volunteers have become increasingly important for the Museum in recent years. This allows the Museum, firstly, to incorporate the knowledge and experience of generous people, and secondly, it means that those who want to form part of our community can do so in their free time. The MMB enjoys the regular support of volunteers and collaborators in its photographic archives, the research field and the library. This means that this area has a very special connection – one that is open and transversal – with the sector of society that possesses the greatest awareness of maritime history and culture.


As part of its educational and research activities, the Museu Marítim de Barcelona is involved in a series of projects of an international scope, all devised with the aim of spreading knowledge about maritime culture and establishing links with other associated institutions and museums.

voluntaris col·laboradors MMB

Pere de Prada i Arana

Photography group

Pere de Prada i Arana

Special mention must be made of the photography group, who work on identifying and documenting photographs based on their sound knowledge of the maritime world. This has become a permanent working group that meets up every Tuesday and at other times for specific sessions on a certain subject.

Volunteers for the fleet of ships and boats

We also have a team of volunteers associated with the Museum fleet that help with maintenance tasks and activities on board. Since some of them have the necessary licences, they also help us sail our smaller vessels, like the Drac or the Pollux.

Flota MMB