The aim of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona’s editorial policy is to promote maritime history and culture in the aspects of promotion, loyalty, scientific dissemination and research. These publications are also important communication tools that help to boost the institution’s overall image.

In 1999 the Museum introduced a Publications Plan, devised with the framework objective of identifying four main core ideas for promoting dissemination, loyalty, scientific popularisation and research. The Plan highlighted, with much greater clarity and definition, which instruments should be incorporated into the Museum so as to achieve the set aims.

Virtually since it first opened, the Maritime Museum of Barcelona has published many different books, catalogues and pamphlets, in response to the needs and interests at each particular time. Most of these works prior to the year 2000 are now out of print, and only a few specific publications are available to purchase at the Museum shop. However, they can all be consulted in the Museum library.

Argo magazine

Argo is a magazine devoted to the Maritime culture and heritage of the Mediterranean that is published by the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

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Bromolis. The Pictorialist Photography of Joaquim Pla Janini

A digital catalogue to discover the relationship between the work of Joaquim Pla Janini, pictorialist photography and the sea.

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Studies Collection

This collection began in 2001 with the aim of informing the general public about the different research work the Museum carries out within its programmes, and the studies it promotes based on calls and announcements, research grants and awards.

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Drassana magazine

The magazine Drassana is one of the Museum’s dissemination instruments. This is an annual publication which features articles on historical content, reviews of exhibitions and publications and a monographic dossier, as well as reports on different aspects of the Museum and the activities carried out there.

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Manuals Collection

The Manuals collection is the line of publications designed as an instrument for spreading information on the activities and research carried out at the Museu Marítim, and which will be interest to professionals from the world of cultural management in its widest sense.

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Maritime Heritage Collection

Collection created with the aim of publishing the catalogue of the Museum’s collections in a way that is fun, informative and at the same time rigorous and scientific. The collection is jointly promoted by Angle Editorial with the aims of highlighting the different aspects of maritime heritage and of creating a discourse that will turn this collection into reference books on the field of researching the sea and its heritage.

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Exhibition catalogues

In recent years the Museu Marítim has published a series of catalogues on its most important exhibitions.

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Documents for lectures and conferences

A collection of the publications linked to the lectures and conferences organised by the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

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Ulisses era una dona

A book written by Catalina Gayà and Laia Seró and published by Barcelona Maritime Museum which originated from the research project “Dona’m la mar”.

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Las Reales Atarazanas de Barcelona en la edad moderna

Digital publication by A. Jorge Aguilera López and Alfredo Chamorro Esteban, the result of a research project on the Royal Shipyards in the modern era.

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