Ulisses era una dona (Ulysses was a woman)


A book written by Catalina Gayà and Laia Seró and published by Barcelona Maritime Museum which originated from the research project “Dona’m la mar”.

In 2018 the MMB set Catalina Gayà and Laia Seró a challenge – to change history and to include women in it. “Dona’m la mar”, a play on words (the Catalan word ‘dona’ means both ‘woman’ and ‘give’) which came into being one afternoon during a search for a hashtag, has turned into not only a project, it also helped the authors to (finally) understand that the process of research involves not only trying to find a result, but also that the process in itself should be viewed as results.

The end product is “Ulisses era una dona” (Ulysses was a woman), an unofficial history of the oceans that deals with the daily struggles of women on the sea, which is without doubt the most patriarchal and unknown of environments.