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Educational program

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The Maritime Museum of Barcelona’s program of educational activities is designed to promote our heritage, with the sea and navigation always in the picture. Our country is a direct consequence of its relationship with the Mediterranean. A sea that shapes our climate, our landscapes, and our economy. A sea that has been the door to goods, people, and ideas. A sea that has influenced what we do and how we are. A sea that had shaped our history and has determined our character.

Maritime culture is a wide-reaching concept that can be incorporated into all levels of obligatory education and that can, as a result, be connected in one way or another with curricula from different educational cycles. This makes it a perfect tool for learning new skills.

School Activities

Our educational offering is adapted to fit different school levels, and it involves different types of activities:

Activities at exhibits. The Museum has a program of educational activities that combine well with school curricula. It allow us to look at maritime culture and heritage in a cross-disciplinary manner, whether it is through elements on display at the Museum or by showing students the maritime and port areas of Barcelona.

Activities at the planetarium. The Museum has an inflatable planetarium that can be used to show images of the physical world, the sky or the bottom of the sea. It can house spectacular programs based on physical geography, history, astronomy, ecology, biology, etc.

Activities using vessels. We have a fleet of historic vessels that show what fishing, commercial or pleasure craft once looked like in this country. They can be used to navigate and explore the Port of Barcelona, or even sail on the open sea.

Itineraries. The area surrounding the Museum can be used to discuss a series of different subjects. With our offering of itineraries and routes on foot, you can discover the mark left by maritime activity on the City of Barcelona.

Long-term projects

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In addition to our program of educational activities, the Museu Marítim de Barcelona is involved in several different types of long-term projects developed in collaboration with entities offering formal education. At the Museum, we are open to studying any proposals of this type from schools.

The Maritime Museumof Barcelona and the Foundation for Ocean Navigation are promoting an educational program as part of the Vendée Globe 2020 ocean race. A non-stop and alone sailing around the world  is a challenge and a great opportunity to motivate learning.

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A proposal in citizen science. Students become scientists with the goal of analysing beach sand and collecting information on the presence of microplastics and macroplastics. Participating centres are part of a network of sampling stations spread throughout Europe that share their information with the scientists studying the presence of microplastics on the beaches of the continent.

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Project that aims to transform the Raval neighbourhood’s large facilities and cultural institutions into points of reference and resources for neighbourhood educational centres. Centres and facilities work together to come up with long-term working proposals.

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Educational resources

programa pedagògic MMB

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Museu Marítim de Barcelona would like to support the educational task of teachers by offering assistance and advice to educators who want to delve into subjects addressed by our Museum.

Educators who would like to work on subjects addressed by our Museum can ask for help from our educational team, either to prepare a visit or work on related topics.

Museu Marítim de Barcelona loans packs with teaching resources to formal education centres for free. These are designed to promote work on maritime culture outside the Museum.

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