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The Museu Marítim de Barcelona invites you to explore – from the comfort of your own home – the Drassanes Reials (Royal shipyards) architectural complex and the maritime heritage within it. This space features tours of the Museum’s collections, virtual exhibitions and 3D tours through the Drassanes halls and some of the most recent exhibitions that have been staged there. Enjoy your visit!


Virtual tour
Barcelona’s Drassanes Reials is one of the most important architectural ensembles in the Catalan civil Gothic style, and the MMB is offering a virtual tour of its amazing architecture. You will see the beauty of the mediaeval spaces that are currently home to the exhibitions Shipyards and galleys and 7 Vessels, 7 stories. Starting at the entrance lobby, and under the watchful gaze of the four figureheads that preside over this initial space, you then plunge into the Drassanes halls where you can enjoy the beauty and solemnity of the mediaeval walls, vaults and arches. If you look carefully, you’ll see the four crests of the institutions that backed the construction of the building in the 13th century: the coat of arms of Pere III ‘The Ceremonious’, the Royal crest, and the emblems of the Diputació del General (General Council) and the Consell de Cent (Council of One Hundred). On this tour you’ll also see a replica of the Royal Galley, which was a flagship at the Battle of Lepanto (1571), on which Miguel de Cervantes sailed. Barcelona’s Drassanes Reials building was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1976. Enjoy your visit!

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A virtual, 3-D tour through the exhibition on Antoni Benaiges, the teacher who promised the sea
From June 2018 to May 2019, the Espai Mirador at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona was the venue for an exhibition on Antoni Benaiges, the teacher who promised the sea. This display, curated by the photographer and documentalist Sergi Bernal, tells the moving story of Antoni Benaiges, a Republican schoolteacher born at Mont-roig del Camp, who in the 1930s was posted to a rural school in Bañuelos de Bureba, near Burgos, where he adopted the innovative pedagogical methodology devised by Célestin Freinet. Benaiges promised to take his pupils on a trip to the sea, but shortly after the outbreak of the Civil War, Benaiges was persecuted, tortured and murdered by members of the Frente Nacional and his promise was never fulfilled.

The exhibition was awarded first prize in the Premis Ciutat de Barcelona 2019 (Education section). Come and enjoy it!

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Online collection

Cartography, movable heritage, coin collections, photography, documents and drawings. A broad overview of the collections at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona which you can explore using our search engine.

Online collection


The MMB is offering a selection of objects and documents that are notable for their historical interest, their rarity or their aesthetic value. They provide a general idea of the contents of the Museum’s collections.


The MMB fleet

Flota MMB

We invite you to navigate your way through our virtual exhibition and to discover the heritage surrounding a vessel such as the llagut de foc (fire boat) Lola that is conserved at the MMB.

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The beach, a changing space

A virtual exhibition with photographs from the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia and the MMB that examines the different ways beaches were used in the 20th century.

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Merchant ships: from sails to engines

Discover how goods transportation evolved through a selection of photographs from the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia and the MMB.

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