Shipyards and galleys

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Shipyards and galleys

The history of Barcelona’s Royal shipyards is linked to the evolution of the city of Barcelona and the growing influence of the Crown of Aragon in the Mediterranean. Control of the Mediterranean was crucial, and galleys were the means by which this dominance was achieved. They were powerful, impressive warships that lorded it over the Mediterranean during the golden age of the Catalan navy (13th - 15th centuries).

The exhibition starts from 1282, when King Pere II “El Gran” (the Great) returned to Barcelona after an expedition through the Mediterranean. This is the starting point for our journey through the history of Barcelona’s Royal shipyards, an infrastructure that the king set up with the aim of turning Barcelona into one of the great Mediterranean cities that would rival Genoa and Venice.

"Shipyards and galleys" includes new points from which to view the galley and the Roman mausoleum that was discovered in the most recent archaeological excavations in the building (2010 – 2012), as well as a galley under construction. Exhibits include items from the Museum collections, scale models of the building, models of galleys, as well as audiovisual and interactive features.

"Catalonia beyond the sea", a second exhibition, covers the period from the 18th to the 20th century, and  completes the scope of the museographic project.


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