Siren Songs, Fascination and Abyss

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Siren Songs, Fascination and Abyss

Siren Songs, Fascination and Abyss is an exhibition dealing with the cultural expressions that have been generated by human beings through the course of time with regard to the fear and the fascination that are caused by the sea: beliefs, legends, tales, fantastic creatures, taboos, magic formulas and expressions of religiousness in everyday society.

The exhibition is divided into three sections: the sea and the fantastic creatures which, according to human imagination, inhabited the marine depths; the rites and legends dealing with how to protect a vessel that is about to go to sea; and maritime beliefs as part of the intangible heritage of humanity. Curated by the anthropologist Eliseu Carbonell.



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  • With the support ofGeneralitat de Catalunya
  • OrganizersMuseu Marítim de Barcelona