Children and families

In addition to school activities, the Museum offers a varied program of children’s activities to be enjoyed by individuals, families or groups. These are aimed at promoting learning and awakening curiosity for maritime culture.

Family activities

Patapum, the new MMB children's newsletter

PATAPUM is a children’s newsletter that encourages boys and girls to learn about the sea and sailing. Reading PATAPUM, children can play and discover things about the sea, ships and boats, sailing and the Drassanes (Barcelona’s shipyard), assisted by Nico and his friends. The newsletter contains the schedules of the main children-friendly activities, festivals and inaugurations held at the Museu Marítim, from the most interesting exhibitions to weekend, summer or Christmas activities for families.

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(published in Catalan, paper version limited to Catalonia)



activitats infantils MMB

Pere de Prada i Arana

One of Maritime Museum of Barcelona objectives  is to offer activities that are exclusively for children and designed for fun, that encourage participants to respect and value our maritime culture and heritage.

activitats familiars MMB

Pere de Prada i Arana

These events involve activities to do together, designed for fun and learning.

Activitats esplais infants

Pere de Prada i Arana

Maritime Museum of Barcelona also offers activities for young people when school is out (during vacations, on holidays…), aimed at recreation centres. These are to be enjoyed by groups, are very participative and are designed for fun.

The following lines of work are open to this type of audience:

Workshops: For years, we have offered a series of workshops aimed at developing creativity that are associated with traditions from our grandparents. They allow participants to experiment and get to know different aspects of sailing like floatability or propulsion in a fun, practical way by building toy boats.

Activities at the digital planetarium: the Museum has a hemispherical, inflatable digital planetary, used for projections the audience can get lost in. It allows us to offer programs associated with maritime culture, astronomy, etc.

Activities associated with exhibits: Maritime Museum of Barcelona offers activities connected to an exhibit or a part of our permanent collections: inaugurations for children, activities, treasure hunts, dramatized or guided visits… these are just a few examples.