Portrait of the Pinillos steamship Miguel M., by Josep Pineda Guerra

Portrait of the Pinillos steamship Miguel M.

Pinillos steamship Miguel M., Josep Pineda Guerra, 1886

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Num. inventory: 2074

Object name: painting

Title: Pinillos steamship Miguel M.

Object date: 1886

Author: Josep Pineda Guerra

Technique and material: tempera on paper.

Ship portraits

This steamship was built at the J. Laing shipyards in Sunderland (England), commissioned by the Pinillos shipping company, who received it in 1885. It was 109 meters long, with a beam of 13.79 meters, a hull 9.43 meters tall, and total capacity of 2.999 tons. It was originally intended for the Caribbean route, and it sailed for over 30 years without many incidents. Nevertheless, after World War I (and spending some time at the docks), the Pinillos shipping company sold it to the Basque shipping line Abrizqueta y Compañía, who renamed it the Juan Abrizqueta. It held this name for three years, until it was put out of commission in 1923.