Smaller Vessels in a Regatta, by José Pineda

Painting Vessels regatta José Pineda

Regatas a la vela por embarcaciones menores, José Pineda Guerra, 1889

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Num. inventory: 901

Object name: painting

Title: Regatas a la vela por embarcaciones menores (Sailing regatta for smaller vessels)

Object date: 1889

Author: José Pineda Guerra

Technique and material: tempera painting on paper.


This painting by José Pineda (1837-1907) is quite original, as it shows a competition between boats. José Pineda was a prolific and noted painter of vessels. His studio is said to have produced over 3,000 works, an exaggerated figure that nevertheless gives an idea of the magnitude of his production.

Pineda had served as a navigator in the merchant marine, and he was very familiar with vessels and sailing. His speciality was portraits of ships, where a single craft was the protagonist. This is therefore an especially unique painting, as it represents a maritime scene. Since Pineda worked by assignment, it may have been commissioned by the winner of the regatta shown.