Seascape, by Ramon Martí Alsina

Seascape by Ramon Martí Alsina

Marina, Ramon Martí Alsina, c. 1875-1890

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Num. inventory: 840

Object name: painting

Title: Marina

Object date: c. 1875-1890

Author: Ramón Martí Alsina

Technique and material: oil on canvas.


Oil painting on canvas from about 1875-1890, where the artist shows maritime painters’ favourite elements: rocks, waves, clouds and stretches of coast. The combination of these elements allows the painter to play with different colours, lights and tones. Ramon Martí Alsina was one of the great masters of Catalan realism from the second half of the 20th century. Born in Barcelona on August 10th, 1826, he studied at La Llotja in Barcelona and spent some time in Paris in 1846. There, he discovered the work of the French realists like Courbet, as well as the Barbizon School. For financial reasons, he organized a series of workshops where, with help from many assistants and disciples, he produced works on an almost industrial scale.