Boat Loaded with Traps, by Eliseu Meifrén

Boat Loaded with Traps Eliseu Meifrén

Marina, Eliseu Meifrén, undated

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Núm. d’inventari: 1074

Nom d’objecte: painting

Títol: Marina

Data de l’objecte: undated

Autor: Eliseu Meifrén

Tècnica i material: oil on canvas.


Oil on canvas by Eliseu Meifrén showing a boat loaded with fishing traps, with the image of humans added to a landscape. The world of fishermen has always been especially attractive to painters and illustrators. When several Catalan painters began to include maritime elements in their landscapes towards the end of the 19th century, fishermen and boats became a common theme. In addition to their artistic merit, these paintings have also acquired an unquestionable value as documents showing a world that has almost disappeared.