Portrait of Two Seamen, by Dionís Baixeras Verdaguer

Portrait Seamen Dionís Baixeras

Francesc Bordas i Miquel Darenys, Dionís Baixeras Verdaguer, c. 1910

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Núm. d’inventari: 9542

Nom d’objecte: drawing

Títol: Francesc Bordas i Miquel Darenys

Autor: Dionís Baixeras Verdaguer

Tècnica i material: watercolour drawing on paper.


Watercolour on paper by Dionís Baixeras Verdaguer, born in Barcelona in 1862 and trained at the School of Fine Arts (La Llotja) in Barcelona, where he was taught by notable painters like Ramon Martí i Alsina or Antoni Caba. Baixeras believed that art had to have a social function, and in keeping with this idea, he imbued his work with moral significance. At one point, he even declared that he only liked to work with religious themes. In this work, the author portrayed two seafarers, Francesc Bordas and Miguel Darenys, around 1910.