Port of Bilbao, by Juan Martínez Abades

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Puerto de Bilbao, Juan Martínez Abades, 1907

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Num. inventory: 11209

Object name: painting

Title: Puerto de Bilbao

Object date: 1907

Author: Juan Martínez Abades

Technique and material: oil on canvas.


Oil on canvas by Juan Martínez Abades dated approximately to 1907. Martínez Abades was an excellent maritime painter, having painted a great number of scenes and possessing indisputable technical skill, but he was also a prestigious illustrator and a successful composer of cuplé songs. He studied in Gijón, Madrid and Italy. In 1890, he painted one of his most celebrated works, The Viaticum on Board, with which he got a second-place medal and the recognition of the Spanish art world.