View of the Port of Barcelona, by Adolfo Giráldez

painting Port Barcelona Adolfo Giráldez

Vista del port de Barcelona, Adolfo Giráldez Peñalver, c. 1863-1891

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Núm. d’inventari: 11107

Nom d’objecte: painting

Títol: Vista del port de Barcelona

Data de l’objecte: c. 1863-1891

Autor: Adolfo Giráldez Peñalver

Tècnica i material: oil on canvas.


Oil on canvas, painted at an unknown date between 1863 and 1891, showing the port from the Barceloneta neighbourhood. On the right, the old port Captaincy building and the port lighthouse can be seen. In the middle, the author paints the hybrid ship Comillas, owned by the Compañia Trasatlántica and built in Scotland. For years, the Comillas sailed the Santander-Puerto Rico-Havana route, carrying troops to the Antilles during the Spanish colonial wars.