Model of the barca de bou Francisca

Model barca bou Francisca

Model barca de bou Francisca, Jaume Puig Agut, c. 1960

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Num. inventory: 11802

Object name: model barca de bou

Title: Barca de bou Francisca

Object date: c. 1960

Author: Jaime Puig Agut

Technique and material: wood, cloth, plant fibre, metal, paint. Model ship.

Model ships

Model by one of the best model shipbuilders of the 20th century, Jaume Puig Agut, in the 1960s. Barques de bou were boats used in pairs for trawling, with each pulling one end of a net. Bearing lateen sails, some of their distinguishing elements are their centreboards (which prevent lateral drift when trawling) or a manual winch on deck that was used to bring in nets.