Half-hull model of a sailing ship

Half-hull sailing ship

Half-hull model of a sailing ship, unknown, 19th century

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Num. inventory: 199

Object name: half-hull shipyard model

Title: Half-hull model of a sailing ship

Object date: 19th century

Author: unknown

Technique and material: wood, metal, paint.

Model ships

Typical shipyard half-hull model, used by shipowners to commission ships to their liking, proposing certain modifications and choosing the most appropriate rigging. Shipwrights used the model as a guide in an era where blueprints were not used. This is a solid-frame 19th-century model with a clear stripe and nine painted gun ports. These could have been real, holding cannon used to defend the ship, or might only be painted on to give the impression that the ship was armed. The model has a principally technological value.