Model of the container ship Carmen Dolores H

container ship Carmen Dolores H

Model container ship Carmen Dolores H., Modelos Navales Riera, 1994

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Núm. d’inventari: 16838

Nom d’objecte: model container ship

Títol: Container Ship Carmen Dolores H

Data de l’objecte: 1994

Autor: Modelos Navales Riera

Tècnica i material: plastic, plant fibre, metal, paint. Model ship.

Model ships

Model made at the workshop of Modelos Navales Riera in 1994, representing one of the container ships of the Naviera Pinillos company built the same year. The Carmen Dolores H, built at the Scheepswerf “de Hoop” shipyards in Lobith (The Netherlands), was designed for coastal shipping of containers and refrigerated cargo, with a capacity of some 7,000 gross tons. It bears the name of the daughter of the principal shareholder of the shipping company, Alberto Herrera, and when the ship changed hands in 1997 it was renamed, becoming Lola B in honour of Lola Boluda, daughter of the new owner.