Yacht Far Barceloneta

Iot Far Barceloneta

Yacht Far Barceloneta, Miquel Corbeto Costa, 1915

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Num. inventory: 20532

Object name: yacht

Title: Yacht Far Barceloneta

Object date: 1915

Author: Miquel Corbeto Costa, Barcelona

Technique and material: wood, metal, paint, plant fibre, cloth. Naval construction.


The Far Barceloneta was built in 1915 as a recreational vessel. It was built at the prestigious Miquel Corbeto shipyards in Barcelona, and was originally named the Norte. It was built as a wooden yacht with the rigging of a ketch, with a mainmast and a mizzen. The Batlló Canadell family bought it in 1959, keeping it in use until they donated it to the El Far consortium. It is 14.40 meters long, with a beam of 3.88 meters. In 1991, it was given to the El Far consortium so it could be repaired, through the Barcelona fes-te a la mar association. It was recently added to the fleet of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.