Minorcan Llagut Far de Cabrera

Llagut Menorquí Far Cabrera

Minorcan llagut Far de Cabrera, Astilleros de Ciutadella, 1911

Llegir més

Num. inventory: 20533

Object name: llagut

Title: Llagut Far de Cabrera

Object date: 1911

Author: Astilleros de Ciutadella, Ciutadella, Menorca

Technique and material: wood, metal, paint, plant fibre, cloth. Shipbuilding.


Far de Cabrera is a Minorcan llagut with a foresail and a spanker, originally used for fishing. In 1991, it was given to the El Far consortium so it could be repaired, through the Barcelona fes-te a la mar association. It is 8.50 meters long, has a beam of 2.82 meters, and 52 m2 of sails. It was recently added to the fleet of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.