Fishing boat Madrona

Fishing boat Madrona

Llagut Madrona, unknown, 1924

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Núm. d’inventari: 6010

Nom d’objecte: llagut

Títol: Fishing boat Madrona

Data de l’objecte: 1924

Autor: unknown

Tècnica i material: wood, metal, paint, plant fibre, cloth. Shipbuilding.


The Madrona is a palangrera, a type of sailboat within the family of the llagut, the most common type of traditional fishing boat on the Catalan coast. It was built in Badalona in 1924 and belonged to Bartomeu Codina of Montgat.

Depending on the season, the same boats are used for fishing sardines or longline fishing. This type of fishing requires baskets of hooks to be kept on deck, and the sides of the boat are made higher than usual to prevent them from falling overboard. This was done using a series of boards called macarrons. At the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, where this boat has been since 1949, the vessel is displayed ready for longline fishing.