Dragon-class boat Drac

Dragon-class boat Drac, Borresen's boatyard, 1966

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Núm. d’inventari: 19720

Nom d’objecte: Dragon-class boat

Títol: Drac

Data de l’objecte: 1966

Autor: Borresen's boatyard

Tècnica i material: wood, metal, paint, plant fibre. Shipbuilding.


Vessel built at Borresen Boatyard (Denmark) in 1966. This type of craft has its origins in a contest organized by the Royal Yacht Club of Gothenburg in 1929 to design a medium-sized boat for regattas with a relatively low cost. The winner was the Norwegian naval engineer Johan Anker, with a keelboat that rapidly became popular and was made Olympic class in 1948.

The Dragon reached Spain through clubs like the Nàutic de Barcelona or Nàutic d’Arenys, related to olympic sailing circles at the time. In fact, the Dragon is a craft considered “aristocratic” in the world of dinghy sailing. This boat, named Drac and with a length of 8.90 meters, a 1.95-meter beam and a depth of 1.20 meters, was totally restored and is now active, sailing and participating in multiple events.