Model ex-voto of a galley from the 16th century

ex-voto galley 16th century

Model ex-voto of a galley, unknown, end of the 16th century – beginning of the 17th.

Llegir més

Num. inventory: 239

Object name: ex-voto (visual religious articles). Model galley.

Title: Model ex-voto of a galley

Object date: late 16th century-early 17th

Author: unknown

Technique and material: wood, cloth, plant fibre, metal. Model ship.


Model of a galley. This model is traditionally associated with the Royal Galley of Lepanto because it comes from the chapel of the Christ of Lepanto in the Cathedral of Barcelona. It was moved to the Museum in 1936 to save it from destruction, and it has recently been analyzed (using x-rays, chemical analysis, etc.) in order to confirm that it is a model from the end of the 16th century-beginning of the 17th century.

The galley has two furled lateen sails and 12 pairs of oars, a covered poop deck (accessed by a door with a cross), with the part of the ship below the waterline painted in light colours, and the part above the waterline in dark.