View of the interior of a church with sailors ex-votos, by Alfred Opisso

church with sailors ex-votos Alfred Opisso

Interior església, Alfred Opisso Cardona, c. 1965

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Núm. d’inventari: 20283

Nom d’objecte: watercolours (visual works)

Títol: Interior església (Church Interior)

Data de l’objecte: c. 1965

Autor: Alfred Opisso Cardona

Tècnica i material: Watercolour on paper.


Watercolour on paper by Alfred Opisso, painted in 1965, showing a chapel that might be part of the church of Santa Maria in Mataró. In the foreground, we see a priest and an altar boy; on the right are the altar and part of a Solomonic column, and hanging from the ceiling are three ex-votos, models of ships with hull and rigging. At the centre of the painting are a group of individuals carrying banners, most likely from a procession. Alfred Opisso studied at the School of Fine Arts (La Llotja) in Barcelona, and he became well-known for his fine pencil drawings. His clean, neat style, evocative of Catalan modernisme, is especially notable.