Model ex-voto of a xebec

Model ex-voto of a xebec Exvo me fecit Francisco Fabregas 1785, Francisco Fabregas, 1785

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Num. inventory: 274

Object name: Ex-voto (visual religious articles). Model xebec.

Title: Exvo me fecit Francisco Fabregas 1785

Object date: 1785

Author: Francisco Fabregas

Technique and material: wood, plant fibre, cloth, paint, metal. Model ship.


The xebec is a typically Mediterranean vessel with three masts (the foremast leans towards the bow, and the mainmast and mizzen are practically vertical) and lateen sails. This ex-voto is a model of a 28-gun xebec with full rigging and sails. The sails on the foremast and mizzen are striped blue and white, while the sails on the mainmast and the jib are striped white and red. The figurehead shows an animal’s head, and a human head is carved at the rudder. The inscription on the transom confirms it as an ex-voto: “Exvo me fecit Francisco Fabregas 1785”.