Religious image of Bishop Sant Telm (Saint Erasmus of Formia)

Religious image Bishop Sant Telm

Sant Telm, unknown, 18th century

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Núm. d’inventari: 19915

Nom d’objecte: Religious Image

Títol: Sant Telm (Saint Erasmus)

Data de l’objecte: c. 18th century

Autor: unknown

Tècnica i material: polychrome woodcarving

Figureheads and sculptures

The patron saint of seafarers in Catalonia was Sant Elm (Saint Erasmus, Bishop of Formia) until the 16th or early 17th century, when he was gradually replaced by Pedro González Telmo, Bishop of Tui, who was popularly known as Elm or Telm by association with his predecessor. Their similar names created a lasting confusion between the two saints, and one was replaced by the other almost without anyone noticing. In this image of Sant Telm, he wears the robe and mitre of a bishop, holds a crozier in his right hand and a model ship in his left.