Figure representing a Turk

Decorative figure representing a Turk, unknown, 18th century

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Núm. d’inventari: 5502

Nom d’objecte: sculpture

Títol: Male Figure

Data de l’objecte: 18th century

Autor: unknown

Tècnica i material: polychrome woodcarving

Figureheads and sculptures

Sculpture representing a Turk. Together with another, similar figure, it was probably part of a set decorating the bow or some other part of a ship. Its arms are positioned as though it was holding something up, and its closed fist has a hole, as though it once held something as well. Although its origin is unknown, it is very likely that it comes from Tortosa, and that it was part of the decoration of a chapel. It is easy to imagine that these sculptures were associated with a Turkish or North African vessel.