Bust of Antoni de Capmany i de Montpalau

Bust Antoni de Capmany i de Montpalau

Antoni de Capmany i de Montpalau, Frederic Marès, 1945

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Num. inventory: 19121

Object name: bust

Title: Antoni de Capmany i Montpalau

Object date: 1945

Author: Frederic Marès

Technique and material: stone carving

Figureheads and sculptures

Bust of the historian and politician Antoni de Capmany made in 1947 by Frederic Marès i Deulovol (Portbou, 1893 – Barcelona, 1991). The bust, carved using the photograph of an oil portrait, was commissioned by the Maritime Museum of Barcelona in 1945, on the occasion of the inauguration of a garden in Capmany’s name.

Historian and linguist. Born in Barcelona in 1742 and died in Cadiz on November 14th, 1813. Pursued a military career and participated in the Portugal Campaign (1762) as sub-lieutenant of the Regiment of Light Troops of Catalonia. Retired in 1770, in 1776 he became a member of the Real Academia de la Historia. Served as a representative of Catalonia in the Cádiz Cortes, and directed the Gaceta de la Regencia de España e Indias. Was a member of the commission charged with preparing a draft constitution.

His works include: Memorias históricas sobre la marina, comercio y artes de la antigua ciudad de Barcelona (Madrid, 1779); Código de las costumbres marítimas de Barcelona (Madrid, 1783), where he reproduces Barcelona’s celebrated Book of the Consulate of the Sea; Ordenanzas navales de las Armadas de la Corona de Aragón (Madrid, 1787).