Steamship Campiz

Vaixell cisterna Campiz atracat al port de Barcelona, Batlles Compte; c. 1950

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Núm. d’inventari: 72257F

Nom d’objecte: positives for the scattering and transfer process

Títol: Vaixell cisterna Campiz atracat al port de Barcelona (Tanker ship Campiz docked in the port of Barcelona)

Data de l’objecte: c. 1950

Color: color

Suport: paper

Autor: Batlles Compte

Tècnica i material: Dye Transfer


Prow of the CAMPSA steamship Campiz. This photograph uses the technique of dye transfer, rare in photographic archives. This technique was commercialized by Kodak from 1946-1993, generally in the art and advertisement market. It allows for highly stable, high-quality colour copies. Images are obtained by transferring the ink from three matrixes onto a sheet of paper impregnated with gelatine. The three matrixes, carrying a yellow, cyan and magenta colouring solution, are placed in an exact position on the paper. When the ink is transferred, a coloured image is obtained.