Panoramic view of the port of Barcelona

Vista panoràmica del port de Barcelona, Antoni Esplugas i Puig, 1888

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Num. inventory: 24366F

Object name: positives (photographs)

Title: Vista panoràmica del port de Barcelona

Object date: 1888

Color: black and white

Suport: paper

Author: Antoni Esplugas i Puig

Technique and material: paper photograph


On the left, in the foreground, we can see the Moll de la Muralla with its old wooden warehouses. There are also many steamships and tall ships at the dock or anchored in the harbour. On the far left, part of the Gran Hotel Internacional can be seen. This hotel was designed by Domènech i Montaner for the 1888 Barcelona Universal Exposition.

In the background, the neighbourhood of La Barceloneta and the Dic de l’Est can be seen. On the right are the Moll de Barcelona, with the sheds and the floating pavilion of the Royal Regatta Club, followed by the Moll de Capitania, with its workshop of concrete blocks. Further over to the right is a partial view of the Dàrsena de Sant Bertran, with anchored barges and steamships, the Moll de Ponent (in the background) and the harbour mouth, with its two bastions. Many vessels can also be seen outside the port.