Moll de Pescadors in Barcelona

Pescadors recollint les xarxes. Moll de Pescadors de Barcelona, Xavier Agramont Cruanyes, c. 1960

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Núm. d’inventari: 27854F

Nom d’objecte: negatives (photographs)

Títol: Pescadors recollint les xarxes. Moll de Pescadors de Barcelona (Fishermen gathering their nets. Moll de Pescadors in Barcelona)

Data de l’objecte: ca. 1960

Color: black and white

Suport: plastic

Autor: Xavier Agramont Cruanyes

Tècnica i material: photographic negative


Fishermen collecting their nets on the Moll de Pescadors in Barcelona. The photographer captured a foggy moment that gives a special ambience to the image. The X. Agramont Cruanyes collection captures a series of scenes from coastal Catalonia (including the port of Barcelona), with vessels, fishing activities and tourism from the 1950s to the ‘90s. It uses a highly sensitive language and pays special attention to everyday elements.