Frigate Ricart de Soler

Fragata barca Ricart de Soler, en dic sec, Fotografia Darblade, c. 1910

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Num. inventory: 2519F

Object name: positives (photographs)

Title: Fragata barca Ricart de Soler, en dic sec (Frigate Ricart de Soler, in dry dock)

Object date: ca 1910

Color: black and white

Suport: paper

Author: Fotografia Darblade

Technique and material: paper photograph. Gelatine


View of the Chilean frigate Ricart de Soler (former Reliance). This metal-hulled ship was a rare example of the vessels known as “windjammers”. As steam power was replacing sails, wind-driven vessels reached their peak of their development, with metal hulls, steam engines to hoist sails and other technological advances that helped them to stand up to steamships. In its final years, this vessel was renamed Antonia Mumbrú.