Spyglass 19th century

Spyglass, unknown, 19th century

Llegir més

Num. inventory: 2263

Object name: spyglass

Object date: 19th century

Author: unknown

Technique and material: carboard, metal, leather, glass, paper.

Navigational instruments

19th-century spyglass made up of 4 tubes. The outermost holds the objective lens, although it can be moved within the next tube. The second tube has no lens, the third has two (achromatic) lenses with a diaphragm between them. The fourth tube, which has two (ocular) lenses, is screwed on to the third. Extended it is 90 cm long, closed it is 50 cm, and its maximum diameter is 6.5 cm. The second section has a flag diagram on a piece of leather attached, with the following inscription: “Flags and Pendants/in merchant service/corresponding flags for men of war”.