Adkins Sextant

Adkins Sextant

Sextant, Adkins, 19th century

Llegir més

Num. inventory: 6091

Object name: sextant

Object date: 19th century

Author: Adkins

Technique and material: metal, wood, glass, ivory.

Navigational instruments

Reflective navigational instrument manufactured by Adkins of London in the 19th century. It was used to measure angles and the height of the sun or moon to calculate latitude. This piece has a metal structure and an ivory limb going from 0° to 150°. The alidade is a golden metallic colour, and the handle is wooden. This piece belonged to at least two different navigators, the names of which are inscribed on the instrument: Eduardo Ferrés, with a date of 1862, and Pablo Ferrés, with a date of 1890.