Print of the wreck of the steamship Miño

Print wreck steamship Miño

Naufragio del vapor español El Miño; Ocurrido en la madrugada del 28 al 29 de marzo en el Estrecho de Gibraltar, siendo embestido por el transporte ynglés Minden ..., Fª. Doblas y Fuertes, ca 1850

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Num. inventory: 20195

Object name: print (visual piece)

Title: Naufragio del vapor español El Miño; Fª. Doblas y Fuertes...

Object date: mid-19th century

Author: unknown

Technique and material: black-and-white lithograph on paper.

Engravings and lithographs

Lithograph of the sinking of the Spanish steamship Miño in the Strait of Gibraltar, after it was struck by the English ship Minden on March 29th, 1856. The ship is seen from the starboard, with the stern sinking and some masts broken. In the water are a lifeboat along with people swimming and asking for help. The print includes text that reads: “Fª. Doblas y Fuertes. Wreck of the Spanish steamship El Miño; occurred in the early morning of March 29th in the Strait of Gibraltar, after the ship was hit by the English vessel Minden so violently that it sunk within three minutes and 64 of the 85 individuals on board died. The great valour and holy resignation of Fr José Fontana y Boscasa, Canon of the Holy Cathedral Church of Malaga, is especially worthy of note.