Print of the port of Barcelona seen from La Barceloneta

Print port Barcelona Barceloneta

Map of the city and port of Barcelona, O. Ahamora (Alzamora?), illustrator; V. Turgis editor, 1850

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Núm. d’inventari: 17572

Nom d’objecte: print (visual piece)

Títol: Barcelonne. Vue Prise De Barcelonnette.

Data de l’objecte: 1850

Autor: O. Ahamora (Alzamora?), dibuixant; V. Turgis editor.

Tècnica i material: colour lithograph on paper.

Engravings and lithographs

Lithograph entitled Barcelonne. Vue Prise De Barcelonnette, taken from the book Ports De Mer d’Europe- Espagne, published in Paris in 1850. This sheet, number 7, is modelled after a drawing by O. Ahamora (Alzamora?). It shows a great deal of activity with vessels and people, a view of Montjuïc and of the city’s seafront.