Floating dry dock for the Astilleros de Tarragona, S.A. factory.

Talleres Nuevo Vulcano collection. Astilleros de Tarragona, S.A. [Floating dry dock] Vista General, planta y corte transversal, núm. 339 (General view, plan and transverse section, nº 339), c. 1915.

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Fons: Talleres Nuevo Vulcano

Title: [Dique] Vista General, planta y corte transversal

Object date: 1915

Author: unknown

Technique and material: ink on paper


Blueprints for a floating dry dock that was part of the factory of Astilleros de Tarragona S.A., founded in 1918. It shows the general view, the plan and the transverse section of this dock, built at the Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft shipyards in Kiel. A floating dry dock is a U-shaped metal hull that is can be lowered to a certain depth. The ship needing repair is placed within it, and it is then drained so that the dock rises and lifts the vessel out of the water.