Logbook from the 18th century

Libro de derrota, unknown, 18th century

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Núm. d’inventari: 118D

Nom d’objecte: book

Títol: Libro de derrota

Data de l’objecte: 18th century

Autor: unknown

Tècnica i material: ink on paper and cloth, manuscript.


Logbooks were written by sailors to include the experiences and direct observations from their voyages. These professionals would record relevant information to make their regular routes easier. This book lists the different ports visited by the ship or ships: from an unknown port to Veracruz, from Veracruz to Cadiz, from Corunna to Puerto Rico, Monte Cristo and Havana, from Araya to La Guaira, from Havana to La Guaira, from La Guaira to Ocoa, from Ocoa to several capes, from Trujillo to Havana, from Havana to Campeche, from Campeche to Havana, from Havana to Veracruz.