Smallpox vaccination certificate

Fons Ferran Arranz, Certificado de vacunación antivariolosa, 1914, 2405

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Fons: Ferran Arranz

Registre: 2405

Title: Certificado de vacunación antivariolosa

Object date: 1914

Technique and material: ink on paper


Smallpox vaccination certificate of Ferran Arranz i Casaus, granted by the Compañía Trasatlántica for the steamship Claudio López y López. Arranz was a navigator in the merchant marine and was, among other things, a professor at different sailing schools and the Government of Catalonia’s delegate to the Maritime Museum of Catalonia. From 1938 to 1939, he served as Museum director. Before, as a navigator, he had sailed both tall ships and steamships. This personal document was a part of the everyday life of seamen, who were especially exposed to disease in their travels. As a result, they had to follow special health measures to avoid the spread of contagious diseases.