Nautical Atlas from 1600 by Vicenç Prunes

Nautical Atlas of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea, Vicenç Prunes, 1600

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Num. inventory: 4775

Object name: nautical atlas

Title: [Nautical Atlas of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea]

Object date: 1600

Author: Vicenç Prunes

Technique and material: coloured drawing on parchment.


This atlas was completed by Vicenç Prunes in Majorca in 1600, on five sheets of parchment. The first is the cover, illustrated with an image of the crucifixion and a circular mappa mundi. The second shows the Atlantic coasts of Europe, and the third shows the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa. The fourth shows the western and central Mediterranean up to Greece, and the fifth shows the western Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The atlas is signed by the author: “Vicentius Prunes me fecit in civitate Maioricarum Anno Domini nostri 1600” and it includes the inscription “Dn Francisco Brotons/ (A.W.?) Carta de navegar (?)”. It also includes several decorative elements, like figures of kings, ships, cities with their flags, flora and fauna and compass roses.