Map of the Island of Crete by Frederick De Wit

Map Island Crete Frederick De Wit

Insula Candia Ejusque fortificatio, edited by Frederick de Wit, c. 1680

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Núm. d’inventari: 2051C

Nom d’objecte: map

Títol: Insula Candia Ejusque fortificatio edita per F. de Wit.

Data de l’objecte: c. 1680

Autor: Frederick de Wit

Tècnica i material: engraving on paper.


Drawing on paper at an approximate scale of 1:1,406,468, entitled “Insula Candia Ejusque fortificatio”. Dating to about 1680, it is decorated with ships and figures of angels. It is the work of Frederik (or Frederick) de Wit, who trained with the cartographer Willen Janzoon Blaeu and opened his own workshop in Amsterdam in 1648. De Wit founded a line of cartographers continued by his son and grandson. All signed using the same name, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the author. The De Wit workshop was in operation until 1710.