Restaurant and store

Restaurant museu marítim

Pere de Prada i Arana


The cafeteria-restaurant is in the Naus de la Generalitat space, amid the bustle of those coming and going from the Drassanes Reials. Chef Xavier Barrachina has put together a series of meals designed especially for this magnificent culinary space, which invests in sustainable, local cooking centred on seafood and is part of the Norai project, a cultural and social responsibility project by the MMB.


The cafeteria allows users to rest for a few moments and admire this magnificent building, while they also enjoy the open-air space of the Museum Gardens.


The store, which is also part of the Norai project, is found in the Museum hall. It is notable for its unique architecture, as a circular space at the centre of the Naus de la Generalitat. It offers a selection of original products based on the world of maritime culture: catalogues, books, audio-visuals, postcards, posters and gifts, designed for all audiences.

Norai Project

Norai Project
Norai is a cultural and social responsibility initiative based on maritime cuisine. It was created in 2010 by the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, Impulsem SCCL and the Surt Foundation, with the support of the Tot Raval Foundation. With this project, the MMB would like to add maritime cooking to what our Museum has to offer, while also improving quality of life in the Raval neighbourhood by working to train and insert locals with difficulty accessing employment.


Norai operates in two spaces at MMB: the restaurant-cafeteria and the store. It is a project committed to the MMB’s Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, and its two lines of action are maritime culture and gastronomy.
In addition, Norai has the support of the Tot Raval Foundation, a platform made up of 60 associations, institutions, individuals and companies associated with the Raval and with a common objective: to work to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood.


Norai is a project tied to its local area, the Raval neighbourhood in Barcelona’s Old City, known for its strong personality and notable social inequality. This project would like to help improve these surroundings, and to help build a welcoming, prosperous space where all the neighbourhood’s citizens can coexist. The project also has a strong cultural dimension, promoting programs aimed at researching and recuperating culinary culture, local foods and organizing educational activities promoting this intangible heritage.
From its beginnings, Norai has successfully developed its four main pillars: Cultural, Community, Socio-educational and Business.