Print on the uses of the Ictíneo

Print uses Ictíneo

El Ictíneo Monturiol, Litografía Unión, printer, c. 1858

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Núm. d’inventari: 5877

Nom d’objecte: lithographic engraving

Títol: El Ictíneo Monturiol

Data de l’objecte: c. 1858

Autor: Litografía Unión, printer

Tècnica i material: black-and-white lithograph on paper

Underwater navigation

Engraving published between 1858 and 1868, showing the uses of the Ictíneo submarine, designed to convince the public and potential investors of the commercial applications of the invention. The document, from Litografía Unión and printed by J. Serra, includes a description: “Cutting coral; entering a cave; tying up a cannon, bringing one end of the cable to the surface; gathering mulé coral”.