Argo magazine


Argo is a magazine devoted to the Maritime culture and heritage of the Mediterranean that is published by the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.  It is aimed at the general public, maritime enthusiasts and professionals and experts who help to promote knowledge of sea-related subjects. The magazine also acts as a spokesperson for the sector in that it publicises the reality, expertise and activities of the different networks and associations linked with maritime heritage, and particularly the Network of Maritime Museums of the Catalan Coast.

Argo has been published bi-annually since June 2018, and is now entering its second phase as a publication specialising in maritime topics. In this new stage, the magazine remains faithful to the objectives of its first phase (2008-2012): organising the territory in the area of museums, heritage and the world of associations related with maritime culture. Argo magazine is published with the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the collaboration of the Catalan Sailing Federation.

The magazine features a central monographic dossier (As de Guia) together with regular sections such as reports, interviews, articles on gastronomy, coastal tourism and historical archives.
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The annual subscription costs € 12 and includes two issues of the magazine per year.
For more information: email:  / Tel. + 34 902 090 869.

You can find issues of Argo magazine at these bookshops:
MUSEU DE LA PESCA. C/ Major, 56. Palamós. Tel. 972 60 04 24.
LLIBRERIA 22. Hortes, 22. Girona. Tel: 972 21 23 95.
LLIBRERIA PARCIR. Àngel Guimerà, 74. Manresa. Tel. 938 73 38 82.
LLIBRERIA FOSTER & WALLACE. Carrer de la Riera 20, Vic. Tel. 938 58 88 75.
LLIBRERIA DOCUMENTA. Pau Claris 144 Barcelona. Tel. 93 317 25 27.
LLIBRERIA QUIOSC MONTEL. Unió 13. Lleida. Tel. 973 26 19 19