Mermaids in transit

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Mermaids in transit

Space for interpreting mermaids from an LGTBIQ + perspective.

Mermaids are mythological beings found in between different corporalities: half water and half the earth; part woman, part bird, part fish, with a double tail or just one.

Mermaids symbolise very different stories according to the context, from the sexual frustrations of sailors at sea to the dangers of the ocean and the otherness of unexplored territories. From the vices that draw men to their deaths to impossible love. 

But what do mermaids mean for the LGBTQ + community?

In this space, Sacha Coward, art historian and regular collaborator at the Royal Museums of Greenwich explains why mermaids are powerful symbols for the LGTBIQ + community:  because of their capacity for transformation, because they are hybrid and fluid beings and the magical powers they have, such as their voice and strength. 

The exhibition looks at how, from ancient times, there are many stories of mermaids related to sexual and gender fluidity. Of all these stories, it is especially interesting to point out the story by the bi-romantic author Hans Christian Andersen, from 1837. The Little Mermaid is the expression of the anguish suffered by the author when he was rejected - romantically - by a friend he had fallen in love with. Today, mermaids - as symbols - are common in most Pride Day Parades.

This small exhibition opens to the public on the 28th of June, the LGTBIQ + Pride Day, to commemorate this festival, and is included in the L’Orgullosa programme, coordinated by the Barcelona LGTBIQ Centre, along with proposals from seven other museums: the National Museum of Natural Sciences, the MNAC, the Barcelona Design Museum, the National Archaeology Museum of Catalonia, the Barcelona Olympic Museum, the Picasso Museum of Barcelona, the Miró Fundation et La Capella Art Center.

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  • From 28/06/2022
  • to 02/10/2022


  • From 10:00 to 20:00



  • Free


English / Castellano / Català


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